One of Grippers’ Annual Walks

Grippers is a charity founded in 2006 to support young Gloucestershire adults who are recovering from mental illness.

Grippers exists to give financial help to help those who are recovering from psychosis to return to normal life. As we have virtually no overheads, almost every penny goes to fund a wide variety of activities, sports and other equipment and educational courses.

The Work of the Charity

Since 2020 we have concentrated on paying for a variety of monthly activities, such as Canoeing down the Wye, Go-Ape, Aquadventure, Dry-slope skiing and Wildwoods exploring. The group numbers around twelve young adults in the process of recovering from psychosis, led and supported by the GRiP NHS team. In April 2024, the group had a great day walking along the Malvern Hills.

In addition, we fund a steady stream of individual and group applications. Recent examples are paying for a lifeguard training course, hiring a pool table and table tennis table, gym memberships, and buying reconditioned bicycles.


A particularly wonderful source of income is donations from individuals who have benefited from our charity and choose to raise money to express their gratitude.

In November 2023, James raised over £625 for sponsorship of a boxing bout and in May 2024, we received money raised by a rowing-machine marathon.


We are very grateful to those who make regular monthly donations. We avoid paying organisations such as “Just Giving” who do not provide a free service. If you would like to make a donation, then please contact us by email: info@grippers.org.uk

Registered charity no. 1117290